ACCT868 Accounting For Financial And Managerial Decision Making

1. Report to the stakeholders of your organisation regarding the viability of Air New Zealand and whether this is a good investment option. Your answer should include the following items (though not exhaustive):

• The importance of using the annual accounts (i.e. annual reports) of Air New Zealand for the last three years;

• The importance of understanding accounting information, media reports and forecasts, analysts reports, and financial ratios;

• Internal and external factors impacting on Air New Zealand’s profitability, cash flow and business value;

• Any other relevant information (internal or external) that would assist in the evaluation of Air New Zealand.

• Any financial and non-financial information which could provide further insights into the company.

• Use evidence from Air New Zealand or other relevant sources where applicable to support your evaluation of the business.

• Other relevant sources suggested are: media, accounting, management, marketing, human resource and business information from textbooks, media, magazines, journals or online sources (not Wikipedia or non-peered reviewed sources)