ACC80008-Managerial Accounting


1. This assignment involves you conducting research on the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and developing a narrated presentation. The task requires you to develop a time-limited presentation on BSC.

2. The presentation is to address the following requirements:

a. Explain what is the Balanced Scorecard

b. Select from the relevant literature an example of either a successful or unsuccessful implementation of BSC and address the following:

c. Explain what were the motivations for introducing BSC

d. Explain why the implementation was considered successful (unsuccessful)

e. Taking the role as a management accountant, discuss how you would improve the implementation of BSC. In your presentation, you need to outline an area for improvement, why it needs improvement, how you propose it and on what evidence.

3. The following are rules about the presentation:

a.The maximum presentation length is 5 minutes

b.You must narrate the presentation

c.A maximum of 10 slides, or equivalent of, can be included.

d.You must submit along with the presentation a text transcript of your narrationĀ  and the article used as a case for analysis.