Ability to evaluate and select lessons, activities, and resources


For this Work Product Assignment, you will have an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to evaluate and select lessons, activities, and resources for effective instruction in the health, social studies, and the arts. Additionally, you will plan, implement, and reflect on a preschool lesson that integrates social studies and the arts.This Assignment requires submission of two (2) documents.Save Part I asPR009_ PartI _first initial_last name(for example, PR009_PartI_J_Smith) and Part II as PR009_PartII_first initial_last name.When you are ready to upload your completed Assignment, use the Assignment tab on the top navigation menu.Instructions Before submitting your Assignment, carefully review the rubric. This is the same rubric the assessor will use to evaluate your submission and it provides detailed criteria describing how to achieve or master the Competency. Many students find that understanding the requirements of the Assignment and the rubric criteria help them direct their focus and use their time most productively.Rubric Access the following to complete this Assignment: Case Scenarios Lesson Plan Template Lesson Reflection Questions To begin this Assignment, read the Case Scenarios, noting the diversity of the children in each setting. For example, children with emotional and learning challenges, physical disabilities, English language learners, and children from various economic backgrounds (including children of poverty, as defined by the federal free/reduced lunch program). After reading the scenarios and identifying the needs within each preschool class, complete Parts I and II.