a tentative thesis statement

OverviewFor this assignment, choose an archaeological site that you will analyze for your Final Research Paper and submit it, as well as a tentative thesis statement for approval. The purpose of this assignment is to begin the process of writing your Research Paper which is due at the end of the semester. Please review the Research Project Overview in the Syllabus section for an explanation of all components of the paper.The following are the questions you will be asked to address later in the Research Paper: Discuss the social, political, and economic organizations of your chosen site. Does your site/culture have a written language? Discuss the form of communication. What are the belief systems of your site/culture? Describe specific artifacts or ecofacts associated with your site/culture. Conclude with your analysis, based on your archaeological evidence, of why and how this culture rose and fell.InstructionsChoose an archaeological site and include the name of the site and the following information in a brief summary. Location, age, and significance (cultural and/or historical) Distinctive features (if any) Describe your interest in researching this topic. Define a thesis statement that represents the argument for your topic of interest. Think of it as the how or why related to your topic. Cite one scholarly journal article pertaining to your site. Submit to the M2 Assignment 1: Research Topic Selection Assignment Submission Folder.