a fun adventure

If we could travel around the world and visit all the wonderful museums and hands on experiences related to this course, that would not only be a fun adventure, but a great learning experience. We can’t do this, but fortunately, we can travel the world using the internet. Many of the best national museums have created virtual tours of their museums and exhibits inside. In this assignment, you will select one museum website to visit and report about your experience.


  1. Select one of the websites below that most interests you.
  2. Visit the virtual museum taking the time to fully explore the website and its resources.
  3. Take notes about what you are learning, the functionality of the website, and your overall experience.
  4. Compose at least a two page essay about your experience that includes the following information:
    • Identify the Museum you visited, the date or days you visited the website, and where it is geographically located in the world.
    • Describe in at least one long paragraph the historical information, events, and people that were subjects of this museum.
    • Describe your overall impression of this museum. Is it a place you would like to visit in person? What did you find most interesting? Describe one page on the website that particularly interested you and explain why.
  5. Evaluate the overall effectiveness of the virtual museum. Did it have some really cool features/or was it lacking in some areas? Were the color choices and text size easy to look at? Was the site easy to navigate and was the experience positive overall? Would you recommend this website to a friend and this class or return to this website for future research assignments?
  6. Cite the web site you visited for the virtual museum tour in one of the approved formats.
  7. Submit your paper as a Microsoft Word file (.docx) to the assignment folder by the due date.

See the Course Schedule in the Syllabus module and the course rubrics (under Tools in the upper menu) for due dates and grading criteria for this assignment.






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