5R6Z0038- Corporate Reporting


Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed.

1. Analyse and interpret corporate reports and other financial information and draw appropriate conclusions in a variety of business situations

You are a financial journalist working for the online magazine ‘InvestIt!’. You have been asked to produce a ten-minute podcast appraising the possibility of making a small-scale investment in a selected FTSE100 company. ‘InvestIt!’ is keen to highlight whether selected companies are not only financially responsible, but also value sustainability, as the target market is ethically minded investors.

This week we will consider:

What is analysis?

How do we perform analysis?

How do we use the financial statements?

How do we calculate ratios?

What do they tell us?

What is not included in financial information?

Where else can we look for information?

What industries are you interested in?

Which companies do you know about?

Which companies do you think you would have lots to talk about?